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Where To Buy
Infinity car stereo products can be purchased at hundreds of authorized dealers throughout the United States. These retailers will be able to demonstrate and provide service for and qualified installation of your newly purchased Infinity car stereo products. To access a map and directions to the authorized Infinity car stereo retailer nearest you, click here

Online Shopping
If you are looking to purchase Infinity car stereo products online, you may do so by visiting the following authorized sites:

Harman Audio Online
Purchase direct from the factory at our Harman Audio Online store.

Where to Buy

Be sure you are purchasing from an authorized Infinity Dealer. When you purchase from an authorized Infinity dealer, you can expect a genuine Infinity product, not counterfeits or products that don't meet our rigid performance standards. If you purchase a Infinity product on the internet, through mail order, or from any other source not authorized to sell our products, we cannot guarantee its authenticity, quality or performance. In addition we will be unable to honor the warranty of any product you buy from these retailers. Beware of products where the serial numbers have been defaced or removed, as these cannot be covered under our factory warranty. A VALID SERIAL NUMBER IS REQUIRED FOR WARRANTY COVERAGE.


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